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Why You Need a Home Inspection

If you’re wondering if you need a home inspection, I’m here to tell you that the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES. Let’s look into why a home inspection is so important in the home purchasing process. Knowledge A home inspection may be the only insight you have into the physical condition of the home. Other than […]

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Deck Joist Hangers

Building or Updating Your Deck? Whether you are planning on tackling that deck project yourself or hiring someone, make certain correct construction practices are being used. You don’t want to find out the hard way that substandard building methods may cause your deck to fail. Here, we’ll discuss deck joist hangers and how to properly […]

Whole House Attic Fans

What do you need to know about whole house attic fans? Many older homes featured whole house attic fans as an efficient means of cooling the home on cool evenings. In addition, they provided the home with fresh air. These fans can still be found in homes today and many are still in working condition. […]

AC Air Filters

One of the most important components of your home’s HVAC system is the AC air filter. Make sure you know where these are located in your home. There may be only one, or there may be more depending on how large your system is, or if you have multiple units. How often do I change […]

Spa Tub Maintenance

Spa tubs are not maintenance free and are often the source of issues home inspectors find. Hopefully, your spa tub is equipped with a panel (like the one in the photo) to access the whirlpool pump and plumbing. Often, these panels are located in an adjacent room or closet. These panels should be opened on […]

Dishwasher High Loop

What is a dishwasher high loop? Above you can see the high loop in the photo on the right. In the left photo, there is no high loop. The line in both photos is the drain line from the dishwasher. It typically connects to the sink plumbing above the trap or at the garbage disposal. […]