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Resources for Agents

At Ferguson Home Inspections, we are happy to partner with local real estate agents.  As a professional, reliable home inspection company, we can provide you and your clients with end-to-end service.

With our modern, sophisticated reports delivered within 24 hours, you and your clients can quickly and easily assess the condition of any property. The more accurate and complete the inspection, the less surprises when the buyers move in. We are happy to help your clients with one of most important decisions of their lives.

We are The Best Partner For Real Estate Agents Serving Central Arkansas!

Client-friendly service

Our goal is always to make the home inspection process fast, easy, and friction-free. We offer flexible scheduling, affordable rates, and standard home inspection services, as well as additional services.

Modern Technology

With technology like GFCI testers, moisture detectors and more, we can detect hidden issues that other home inspectors may overlook, and ensure your clients are fully informed about the condition of the home they’re interested in purchasing.

Clear communication

We respond to your messages and those of your clients right away. We will communicate clearly throughout the entire inspection process, ensuring that you’re always kept up-to-date.

Ferguson Home Inspectoins - Sample Report

Modern Report Agents & Clients Appreciate!

Rather than old-fashioned paper reports, we use Spectora, a next-generation home inspection reporting platform. With Spectora, we can quickly generate comprehensive visual inspection reports. Our reports incorporate images, videos, supporting documentation, and a multi-part design and summary that makes it easy for you and your clients to understand the condition of the home.