Spa Tub Maintenance

Spa tubs are not maintenance free and are often the source of issues home inspectors find. Hopefully, your spa tub is equipped with a panel (like the one in the photo) to access the whirlpool pump and plumbing. Often, these panels are located in an adjacent room or closet. These panels should be opened on a regular basis, and the space under the tub should be inspected for any signs of leaks. Checking this area can prevent costly repairs due to leaks that would go unnoticed. You can see in the photo above the tub plumbing and the mold on the wall caused by a leak in this area.

In addition, whirlpool tubs should be flushed with a cleaning agent at least once every two weeks. The tub should be filled with enough water to cover the jets and the pump should be operated as normal. Cleaning solution should be added and allowed to run through the system. These cleaning agents will help prevent unwanted growth in the tubs plumbing while it sits idle. Cleaning agents specifically made for whirlpool tubs are available. Avoid using bleach as it may harm the tubing and pump and any residue can irritate your skin.

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