Unprotected Doors

Unprotected Door

Does your home have exterior doors that are unprotected? Many homes have a flat, unprotected exterior wall with a door. This is common for both front and back doors and was a particularly popular design for the front of homes built in the 1980s. The problem with this style is the exposure the exterior doors often receive. Ultraviolet rays from the sun will damage basically any surface over time, especially if that surface is not maintained correctly. The most significant (and costly) damage is usually from rain. The design of the flat wall with an exterior door provides no protection from rain. While there may be a roof eave over the door, this rarely provides sufficient protection from rain. Steel doors can be installed and proper weatherstripping can help, but the main area of concern is actually the threshold and bottom area of the door and trim. Thresholds often are made of multiple sections and have seams where water can enter. In addition, water can work its way under thresholds and into seams around door trim. If you own a home with this style door consider the addition of a cover for the door. This can be something as simple as an aluminum awning. For a small investment of $500 or less you could save yourself thousands in structural repairs to your home. You can see in the photo below how much damage rain can do to an unprotected door. You can also see how a simple awning can make a huge difference in protecting the door.


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